Sunday, 30 June 2013

sizzling sausages!

Matilda threw off her overcoat and soaked up the long awaited sun, today she took us up to the Cuckoo trail at Horam, we scooted and walked for 2 miles.
feeling a bit peckish we motored over to Arlington reservoir for some sausages cooked up in the van, mmm!

Ed was sous chef and chopped red peppers

We gobbled down hot dogs, carrots, peppers and chocolate fingers with jam tarts on the side. then had a game of Quiditch with our nimbus 1000 broomsticks found in the trees ...meanwhile Jim attempted to wash up the dishes using one pan of water after spending several hours trying to get the water pump working on the sink! 
Matilda will be in the garage this week getting her new look rear seat belts which will be a relief to Jim and Felicity who are tired of trying to separate boys doing a rugby scrum in the back whilst travelling. Tie 'em down that's what we say! 

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Brewing up at Bewl Water

Today Matilda's top popped, her gas fired up and she brewed us a nice cuppa at Bewl Water.

Jago, Wilf and Ed were camper crewe causing untold havoc and frustration to parents trying to familiarise themselves with Matilda's internal workings 
now where's the hob...I'm sure its in here somewhere...

The three truscoteers.

mission accomplished. 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Introducing Matilda the 1973 VW camper  
 She lives in Bexhill, East Sussex

Matilda goes to East Dean to pick up a 20th anniversary take away from Thai Terre 

 Jim makes a mental note to come back as the pub looks pretty good, while Izzy is wishing she'd brought her sketch books!

our destination is Burling Gap with a great view of the Seven Sisters for sunset.

where to next? watch this hire Matilda contact us!