Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Camping at Wo Wo

WOW! We went camping at a lovely place called Wo Wo near uckfield, East Sussex. 

The loading began.....until disaster struck; the coastal officer came along and said I'm locking the bollards! We said please don't and as it turns out he is a nice man so he said OK I'll leave one unlocked for you so you can go CAMPING we said YEAH! 

Jago, Wilf and Ed hardly able to contain their excitement drawing up plans for exactly who is sleeping where...
We parked Matilda up and got on down to bashing in tent pegs with the Paisley's 
Toasting marshmallows mmm! A magic moment. (One enjoyed best in ones under ware, it was just too hot by the fire Jago found...) 
Camper van game number one, mini who's who. Yes! Well done that's Ed. 

Friends came to visit us Ed and Betty were traveling to somewhere I think it was Hastings! 
Claire and Jonquil battling with provisions...
Now where did they say the composting toilets were? 
The beginning of an idyllic walk to a local hostelry it ended in a thunderstorm but it was worth it!
Wilf, Cherry and Eli. 
Eli's cricket, can you see it? 
Then the rains came...and we got under the ark. 
It's the way I tell 'em Rog, now here's a good one just wait till I've remembered were 3 men at the pearly gates...and so a great time was had by all, the boys were muddy and unwashed for 4 days and nights, Matilda is definitely water proof and marshmallows are good toasted on a BBQ as well as a fire. Oh and by the way , Never put the salad dressing bottle in the camper fridge and drive....

Monday, 8 July 2013

A birthday treat in the mist....

Recently a friend and I took Matilda up to Beachy Head to cook up lunch, kick back and relax. We started with a coffee at the Towner Gallery and then drove up into the mist as it whirled around the cliffs. We parked up and admired the view, all 50m of it! But after we had got cooking it cleared and we had a fine view as far as the edge of the cliff. 

Halloumi on crushed peas with mint and lemon, (from the camper van cook book )  slow roast tomatoes and puy lentils (from my head and my kitchen ) washed down with apple juice sparkling water and mint. Followed by fresh strawberries and local farmers market chocolate brownies. 

Where did the time go? As soon as we had eaten it was time to wash up, fold down the pop top and floor it back to Bexhill in time to grab sick jago in pyjamas and wizz off for school pick up (a bit late to be honest but the school are lovely) I'm not yet used to just how much time all this malarky takes....but I'm getting there slowly.